My Process

My nutrition and functional medicine counselling is virtual. People are more mobile now and I find people love the flexibility this provides. I have worked with clients throughout Europe and the US. Of course if possible, I love to work in person too. If that is not the case, then I work via Skype, email and telephone.  You can have your sessions in the comfort of your own home and not spend time getting to and from appointments.

My approach is entirely individual. You will come away with a personalised plan full of specific advice on how to improve your health and reach your health goals.

To start off, we have an initial free 15 minute nutrition consultation on phone or Skype to briefly discuss how the process works, your issues and health goals. This is to see if there is a fit. If we decide to move forward, you will have some ‘homework’ to do. The homework is to keep a 5 day food journal, along with a questionnaire on your current health status and health goals. Then we have an initial consultation of 1 hour to review your health history and discuss changes designed to improve how you feel.

At the next session, I provide you with a detailed nutritional analysis of your diet based on your food journal. We discuss this analysis, along with ideas to improve your diet and overall health. You will come away with suggestions designed to move you towards your health goals. In follow-up sessions, I provide you with lots of support and on-going suggestions and adjustments to your lifestyle so that you can meet your goals. Throughout the course of these sessions, you will collaborate on and receive a detailed nutrition and health plan personalised for you and your health goals.

Feel free to contact me for your free initial talk so we can get started!

I speak Spanish and French so I can also work with clients in these languages, if preferred.