Welcome to Nicola Schuler Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Nutrition provides the foundation for good health. We may not realise it but nutrition directly affects our health. You can positively influence, and even change, your health status through nutrition. Nutrition is very individual and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

As a Nutritionist, Functional Medicine practitioner and health coach trained in holistic nutrition and functional medicine, I can help. I believe nutrition is the cornerstone of good health and I can guide you through the options.  I take the vast array of information available on nutrition and health and distill it into bite-sized pieces for you. I will develop an individual nutrition and health plan for you. There is great value in working one-on-one with a trained professional who will support you and take you step by step towards achieving your health goals. It removes the guess work and enables you to achieve your health goals much more quickly.

Whether you have minor health issues or a diagnosed disease, want to lose weight or simply want more energy to live life to the fullest, nutrition and functional medicine can help.  I can help you to improve your diet and lifestyle habits, address your health issues, enhance your energy levels, manage stress better, sleep better, lose weight, feel more alive, manage moods and be happier. Find out how good optimal health can feel.