Working Together

The amount of information on nutrition and health available to you is overwhelming. In addition, there is an alarming amount of false and even harmful information in circulation. This is where you need a guide. I have been a perpetual student since 2011, which is how I keep up to date with the latest information on health. I will take the vast array of information available on nutrition and health and distill it into bite-sized pieces for you. I will develop an individual health plan for you. There is great value in working one-on-one with a trained professional who will support you and take you step by step towards achieving your health goals. It removes the guess work and enables you to achieve your health goals much more quickly.

When working together, I will perform a detailed nutritional analysis of your diet and provide you with a snapshot of what you are eating. You will see which nutrients are lacking in your diet, how much sugar you are eating, what you are doing well and where you could make improvements for your overall health. I will also apply a functional medicine approach to what is happening with your health. We will review and analyse symptoms, health history, current diet and lifestyle, lab reports if available and any other information that we have, to assess your health. From there, we will develop a detailed health plan for you incorporating functional medicine and nutrition principles. This plan will include diet, possible nutritional or herbal supplements and lifestyle modifications. We will develop your health plan together so that you are ready, willing and able to implement and incorporate it into your life.

I have extensive experience as a health coach as well. I can therefore coach and help you to achieve your health goals. Habit change, like we will be implementing, can be challenging and can take time. I will be able to provide support, motivation and accountability to help get you there. It is my desire to see you incorporate these new habits and healthy modifications that we explore together into your lifestyle.

These are some, but not all, of the areas in which I can help you.

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  • Improve digestive health and reduce unpleasant digestive symptoms (due to parasites, candida, SIBO, reflux, leaky gut, dysbiosis or other)
  • Weight loss guidance & support
  • Nutritional support for burn out, fatigue, exhaustion and stress. Stress management and lifestyle advice to improve these issues
  • Diet & lifestyle modifications to address a diagnosis of disease. Examples include diabetes or pre-diabetes, obesity, autoimmune issues, gut issues, hormone imbalances, thyroid conditions, hypertension and others
  • Address possible chronic underlying infections
  • A strategy to improve insomnia & sleep issues
  • Enhance sports performance through optimising nutrition & lifestyle habits
  • Optimise mental clarity & work performance through a similar approach
  • Re-balance hormonal issues related to thyroid, stress, menopause, gut imbalances or other reasons
  • Resolve sugar addiction and balance blood sugar, thereby improving mood, mental clarity, energy levels and overall health
  • Detoxification programmes
  • Improve energy levels
  • Speed up recovery time from injuries or surgery through nutrition
  • Transition to a healthier diet & lifestyle, including specific programmes such as gluten-free, sugar-free, Paleo, low carb, ketogenic, vegan/vegetarian or other diets
  • Understand how to read food labels, food additives and what to avoid
  • Supermarket tour – how to navigate the overwhelming amount of food choices, eat healthily and keep to your budget, including meal planning and recipes
  • Detoxify your kitchen to get rid of unhealthy foods and support a new healthy lifestyle