“Working with Nicola was fantastic. She is very committed and considerate. She developed a nutrition plan especially adapted to my father’s condition, with tons of suggestions and innovative recipes that he would like. It has really helped him gain weight and recover his strength. I could not be happier.”

– Adriana, Venezuela

“I have one word for my experience of working with Nicola: liberating. She managed to re-frame my understanding of basic nutrition principles, give me simple and flexible guidelines for making healthy eating part of my life and even get me to break out of some pretty set habits – all in a matter of weeks. Nicola has genuinely helped me change my life and it was all so easy. It makes me wonder what I’ve been doing with all of these years of delusion and procrastination!”

– Andrea, UK

“Nicola provided inspiration for our Girl Power and Powder ski days this winter and enthused us all with simple, interesting and practical ways that we can improve our physical performance and sustain our energy on and off the piste through nutrition.”

– Ceri, Germany

“Nicola’s knowledge, creativity and patience helped me to change some long-standing questionable habits. I stubbornly resisted changing some of them, but Nicola calmly, firmly, patiently persisted, helping me to understand how to make better nutritional choices. “

– Anne, USA