My Philosophy:  A Blend of Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Health Coaching

I seek to truly understand what is happening with my clients’ health. Whether they have been given a medical diagnosis or are struggling with a variety of symptoms, it is important to dig deep and figure out what is going on. Finding the root causes is really the only way to resolve a health issue. Often there are a few root causes. It is rarely just one. They typically fall into a few general areas:

  • a gastro-intestinal infection, overgrowth or other issue (constipation, diarrhea, parasites, dysbiosis, SIBO, leaky gut, candida or other imbalance)
  • hormonal issues (often related to thyroid, insulin, adrenal glands or HPA axis)
  • a high toxic load (due to metals, mold, Lyme, toxins)
  • a hidden or chronic underlying infection that has not been identified
  • nutritional deficiencies which can cause an array of problems
  • a poor diet or other inflammatory lifestyle habits
  • stress and/or emotional issues that can be improved with lifestyle and nutrition changes
  • a lack of movement

Once we have identified issues through a detailed health history and current health picture, we can focus on creating your plan which will incorporate nutrition, possible nutritional or herbal supplements and lifestyle modifications. This is your personalised nutrition and health plan. Then we have coaching sessions to help you make the changes and implement the plan. I can provide the support, motivation and accountability that gets results!